Sweet Love for Valentine’s Day!

Valentine’s Day is almost here! We hope you are ready for the cuteness you are about to see :) This year, our mini photo shoot is about a love story. Your typical, old fashioned kind of love… between our favorite two little morsels, Liam and McKenna. These two have been friends since the day they were born.

Does this sweets stand look familiar? We have re-purposed our Lemonade Stand and turned it into a Sweets Stand! Check out our Lemonade Stand photoshoot from this past summer.


The sweets stand was filled with heart cake pops, chocolate covered oreos, douple dipped sugar cookies, and sweetheart yogurt parfaits. We LOVE these letter candy dishes from Hoopla Events. The perfect element to complete our sweets display.


Remember these two? A few months back they were the Flintstones for Halloween with our awesome DIY Flintstone Car.




But seriously, how adorable are they? We think its the perfect love story. Best friends and a strawberry milkshake :)


Styling, Sweets, Printables and Tulle Pom Garland – Morsels Party Planning


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