Rain or Shine… A Minnie Mouse Birthday Party!

This past weekend we went to a Minnie Mouse birthday party that my friend was throwing for her daughter. We weren’t surprised to find out that she was picking Minnie Mouse for the theme, but were delighted when she asked us to make the cake and a few other desserts for the party.

Emma’s mom did a beautiful job decorating everything in pink and polka dots. Pink and white candy surrounded the cake and cupcakes. We provided the 3 layer carrot cake Minnie Mouse cake, pink French macarons and strawberry/vanilla yogurt covered pretzels.

Despite the rain, we enjoyed being outside. The kids loved the bounce house and mini roller coaster. And look at these adorable party favors! Love the tags with each kid’s initial. 

But my favorite part you ask? That little Miss Emma asked her mama if she could help decorate her birthday cupcakes… and she did a fabulous job :) Happy 2nd Birthday Emma!


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