Picnic Series: Pancakes by the Pool

School is almost out and summer is almost here! The days are getting warmer and that means it’s perfect picnic weather. We are introducing our new Picnic Series with this Pancakes by the Pool Picnic. My girls love breakfast food. Pancakes, waffles, fruit, french toast… all of it at any time of day.

I asked the girls if they wanted to have their friends over for a picnic and K suggested we eat by the pool so they could swim too. They love sitting on the pool stairs and kicking their feet in the water.


I put the food out in single portions because I think it’s better for serving kids. Especially to not have their little hands all reaching into a big bowl of fruit! They loved the mini pancake stacks and tater tots are always a kid fave.




These striped candy cups from Hoopla Events aren’t just for candy or cupcakes. They are perfect to serve just about anything in the right size portions. We also got our plastic square milk bottles from Hoopla Events and dressed them up with chalkboard labels. Much easier to keep track of your own drink with diy name labels. For more perfect party supplies for your next event, check out www.hooplaevents.net!

Stay tuned next week for our next chapter of the Picnic Series!


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