Minnie Mouse 2nd Birthday Party

In honor of #tbt, I’m reminiscing back to when Miss K turned 2. This was pre-Morsels era and I thought it would be a good idea to repost over here. Mickey
Mouse Clubhouse was her favorite show, (I’m sure she’s not the only 2
year old this applies too), so it only seemed fitting to have a Minnie
Mouse themed party! The party was a great success, but the best part was
seeing my daughter’s face when she saw all the decorations and Mickey
and Minnie balloons in the house. She went crazy laughing, jumping and
screaming Minnie! for hours. We had over 50 family and friends attend
the party from all over New England. My daughter had a great group of
friends from daycare and they were all able to attend. We are so used to
seeing the kids in passing during drop off and pick up, it was nice to
finally see them all play together.

are the invitations we sent out. They are easy to make yourself by
downloading a free Minnie template. I ended up ordering them
from Etsy due to the inconvenient timing of my injury and hospital
stay. I’m lucky to have a great group of fellow party planners to help me out!

Mouse cupcakes for the dessert table. I made two different cupcakes,
strawberry and chocolate. Both had buttercream frosting, decorated with
white pearl polka dots and mini oreos for the ears. Aren’t they so

centerpiece to the dessert room… the cake! We had lots of desserts,
from Mickey Mouse shaped rice krispie treats, brownies and sugar cookies
to this delicious two tier Strawberries and Cream Cake. Thanks to my friend Erica for her help!

purchased the cutest reusable Minnie Mouse bags to use for the favor
bags. I made different ones for the girls and boys… I don’t think the
boys wanted a bag full of Minnie Mouse stuff! The bags included, either
Minnie or Mickey versions of markers, notepads, socks, playdough,
temporary tattoos, stickers, crayons and more. For the adults, we made Mickey shaped rice krispie treats, wrapped them with “Kylie” branded ribbon and labeled with a Minnie sticker I created. These cute favors are now available in my Etsy shop, so stop by and check it out!

a few of the friends and fam that came and helped out with the party,
wearing Minnie Ears! Conveniently located under one of the Happy
Birthday banners I created using a Mickey template.

kids! I know it’s hard to believe, but it isn’t easy to get 10 kids
under the age of 2 to stand still for a picture. Thanks to my mom for
taking on that task, it was a success. There’s the birthday girl on the
left, wearing her custom Minnie shirt also purchased from Etsy. I
ordered a size too big thinking it would come in small, but I guess she
can technically wear it for a whole year :) Her birthday outfit
purchases also included Minnie Mouse ear barrettes, a pink and black
tutu and custom designed shoes (made by me), but she resisted the ears
and tutu when it came time to get dressed. I’m still hoping I can get
her in the outfit once just for the picture.

are the shoes! So cute and sparkly. I bought pink Converse shoes,
bedazzled them with pink sparkles and added Minnie ribbon instead of
regular shoe laces.

the birthday girl with her favorite birthday present from the party. A
new car to add to her garage of vehicles. It was a huge hit at the party
and luckily we had enough other vehicles to make a parade of driving
toddlers. Thanks Erica and Mark for the great present!

Polka dots were everywhere including on the silverware. I made little labels to wrap them up with.

the birthday girl in her power wheels with one of her friends. Shortly
after they figured out where the gas pedal was, we moved it outside. A
lot less damage to be done out there!

Below are some more pics of the party house. Lots of polka dotted balloons and streamers. Minnie Mouse was everywhere.

I made Minnie and Mickey Ears for the guests to wear. A cute sign that says “We’ve Got Ears, Say Cheers!” is also available in my Etsy shop! I also created centerpieces for the tables using Styrofoam balls to make Mickey heads.

shot of the birthday girl blowing out her #2 candle! Everyone had a
fantastic time and the birthday girl had a great day. Thanks to everyone
who came and celebrated with us!


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