Halloween Lunch Notes

Every year, September seems to come on slow and then we are hit with the craziness of Fall, Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas all at the same time. It’s a craziness that I look forward to every year :)

Our Halloween photo shoot is this week and I’m so excited! Can’t wait to see Sarah Cruz Photography work her magic.

Miss K has been back in school for a few weeks now. It being our first “back to school” year, we were slow to get into the morning routine. We are NOT morning people in this house. Not even my kids! I’m lucky if I can convince the girls and myself to get out of the house for a 9:30 am playgroup. School starts at 8:45…

K goes to school 4 half days a week, so she is home for lunch everyday. I remember my mom randomly putting little notes in my lunch she packed. With four kids, it’s a wonder how my mom was able to survive, let alone doing the little things to make each of us feel special. Thirty years later, she is still doing those little things :)

FREE PRINTABLE ALERT! How many of you moms with young school age kids like to put notes in your kid’s lunch box? How about some oh-so-cute Halloween lunch notes? Here you go!


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