Flintstones Photo Shoot

My friend’s son, Liam, is the same exact age as M and they are best friends. I thought it would be cute if they went as a famous couple for Halloween. But I wanted them to be a kid couple, not dress them as adults. Just looking at the two of them, it was obvious who they should be… Pebbles and Bam Bam! From Liam’s blonde cuteness to McKenna’s perfect “Pebbles” ponytail, they fit the part!

Oh and where did we get that extraordinary Flintstone’s car for the shoot??? We built it! Just a little DIY. Ok, not a little one. Took a week to build. But sooo worth it.

Sarah Cruz Photography found this rock and gravel place near our house. When asking them if we could use it as a background for our photos, they laughed and said of course! It takes a village to get two 18 month olds in a photo together, never mind hoping they would be in a good mood and smiling.


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