Lemonade Stand Photoshoot

I remember it like it was yesterday. My family grew up on the corner of two safe but busy roads. It was the great location for several reasons. One of my favorites was that we had the perfect location for a lemonade stand. Hot summer days with neighborhood friends. Hoping we would catch the construction workers on their way through to stop and buy some fresh squeezed lemonade. Our lemonade stand consisted of a small folding table, a big jug of lemonade and a tin can for collecting our quarters.

Remember the Kissing Booth from our Valentine’s Day pictures? This past weekend, we transformed it into a Lemonade Stand! A lemonade stand is a great prop and theme for summer pictures, a weekend activity or your child’s birthday party.

While prepping for the photo shoot, K was asking me what a lemonade stand was. I shared with her my childhood memories and answered the other 20 questions that followed.

As I was planning my layout, I asked K if she liked the setup and if she was excited for her pictures. She told me that it wasn’t finished. I asked her why, and she gave me a seriously cute response. “Mama, can we have cupcakes in our lemonade stand?” Of course, we can!

The pictures came out far more adorable than I had imagined, thanks to the very talented Sarah Cruz. I love a photographer who can go along with my crazy, fun and sometimes over-planned ideas, and turn it into something magical. I will certainly be working with her in the future. Check out her Facebook page or visit her at www.sarahcruzphotography.com!



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