Alice in Wonderland Photo Shoot

Halloween never used to be my favorite holiday… until I had kids. Now I can’t wait to pick out costumes and come up with props for their photos each year. K is going to be 4 next year, so this was probably my last year choosing her Halloween costume without entering the world of toddler indecisiveness.

I’m sure for the typical 3 year old girl you are expecting me to pick Elsa right? Nope, not even close. In fact, I asked K if she wanted to be Elsa and she said no because she didn’t want to wear “Elsa hair”. No argument here. 

We picked Alice in Wonderland. It was a movie she hadn’t seen yet and actually loved when I showed it to her. It also has a lot going on that I could work with for props. I didn’t mind the break from the Disney princesses either.

Sarah Cruz Photography was fantastic to work with, yet again. She is amazing with kids and makes it look easy. K liked this shoot and lasted until almost the end when she found the neighbor’s play set.

Happy Halloween!


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