Events may only last a few hours but they take weeks and more
realistically, months, to pull off well. You have to pick the perfect
theme, venue, invitations, food, favors, decorations and gifts for those
special morsels that mean the most to you…your kids. And that takes
planning and time, something that very few people have.

You work hard and you deserve the rewarding feeling that comes with pulling off the perfect party. That’s where I come in.

I’m Jill Duval, the owner of Morsels, a children’s party planning
business serving the youngest and toughest critics in New England. We
work with you to come up with and carry out your vision of the perfect
event but save you time in the areas you need it.

From planning
and onsite management to baking and creating favors, Morsels is
available to plan events of all types – birthdays, baptisms, childhood
milestones, family gatherings – you name it.

Whether you need a
complete package that entails vision and theme or you just need a few
of the details (baking, favors, invitations) ironed out, we’re here to
nibble away at your to-do list and make your event a morsel of