A 60th Birthday and Painting Party Celebration

I love planning parties, but even more than that, I love planning parties for my own family. One of my favorite people is celebrating a very special milestone birthday this year (I won’t mention any names :))

The guest of honor is very creative and loves to paint. Light and summery, sherbert colors were perfect for this party.

This cake traveled across two states and was transported to 4 different locations to be stored in order to keep this party a secret. It’s a miracle it even made it to the party!

Desserts for the party included paint splatter cookies, paint brush pretzels and rice krispie treats, mini paint drop cupcakes and painting pallette cupcakes!

The greatest find for this party was the ceramic colored paint cans. I love when you stumble upon something so perfect and by complete accident!

Thank you to everyone who helped pull off the perfect surprise party and helped make this party a success!


  1. says

    Oh my Goodness! What an amazing Party! Thank you to everyone that helped make this so much fun and a huge success especially to Morsels: aka my daughter for all her Creative and delicious desserts. I loved the Cake…so glad it made it in one piece….the Chocolate/peanut butter ganache was amazing! Having everyone write a story about me on the Pantone paint chips was such a great idea, so funny ! Thank you again Jill for a day/night I will never forget! xxoo

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